August 21, 2019


Lake Trail Community Education Society

What is a Community School?

A Community School takes one of the largest and most under-utilized public facilities, the public school, and increases the investment by keeping it open evenings, weekends and during the summer for community activities.

Through multi-ministry funding and non-profit partnerships, community schools address the needs of all age groups, with programs for pre-school children, after school care, and adult education and recreation. The expanded mandate of the educational system in recent years has strengthened the potential of community schools in British Columbia.

Association for Community Education, BC


In 2019, Lake Trail Middle School and Lake Trail Community Education Society (LTCES)  received official community school designation. The development of Lake Trail Community Middle School moving forward is a collaborative partnership between Lake Trail Community Education Society and Lake Trail Middle School. 

Our Mission: Lake Trail Community Education Society promotes an integrated focus on lifelong learning, healthy lifestyles, community development and engagement leading to improved learning, stronger families and a healthier community. Lake Trail Community Middle School strives to be a neighbourhood centre accessible to everyone. 

Lake Trail Community School Garden and Outdoor Hub - Workshop and AGM

LTCES welcomes the community to an online workshop focused on the new Lake Trail Community School Garden and Outdoor Hub, and our annual general meeting, on Thursday, November 18th.

Workshop: The workshop runs from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. 

AGM: Those who wish, may choose to join us for our AGM following the workshop from 7:45pm to 8:15pm.

Lake Trail Community School has recently undergone a major seismic upgrade including a new school and a future childcare centre. With this project comes the demolition of the Lake Trail Community School Garden. For over a decade, this community-based resource has supported sustainable, local, and nutritious food for our students and community populations, as well as community development and education projects.
This scenario has provided an exciting opportunity to expand our Garden and Healthy Foods Program through a new community garden and outdoor hub.
Register or the workshop and / or AGM HERE.

Community Programs

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Free programming for Lake Trail students.

Lake Trail Community School Garden

Workshops and volunteer opportunities.

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November 2021 Salad Bar SPONSOR


Lake Trail Community Education Society sends huge thanks to our November Salad Bar Sponsor,  Elarton Point Strategies.

Elarton Point Strategies is “…a coaching partnership created out of our deep and shared service to a good, bold, and connected world”, offering Strategic Planning and Design; Leadership Development and Coaching; Individual and Team Capacity Building; Research and Program Development. 

Elarton Point Strategies is also committed to community organizations and programs that are dedicated to a good, bold and connected world. LTCES is thrilled to be one of these lucky organizations!

Be sure to check out their work at

If you, or your business, is interested in supporting a free month of salad bar or after school snacks, CLICK HERE or email

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