August 22, 2019


Lake Trail Community Education Society (formerly known as Lake Trail Neighbourhood Connections) was originally founded in 2010 as a community capacity-building project with the goal of empowering local residents toward developing a vision, strengthening their neighbourhood and engaging in activities with Lake Trail School at the heart of their neighbourhood.

In 2019, Lake Trail Middle School and Lake Trail Community Education Society (LTCES)  received official community school designation. The development of Lake Trail Community Middle School moving forward is a collaborative partnership between Lake Trail Community Education Society and Lake Trail Middle School. 

Our Mission: Lake Trail Community Education Society promotes an integrated focus on lifelong learning, healthy lifestyles, community development and engagement leading to improved learning, stronger families and a healthier community. Lake Trail Community Middle School strives to be a neighbourhood centre accessible to everyone. 

Values: Collaboration, mutual support, community pride, safety/diversity, inter-generational connections, youth development, accessibility. 

Interests: After school and weekend programs, connections to community services, community access to facilities, parent and volunteer involvement, lifelong learning, job skills, community garden.