Squash Blossoms- Male or Female?

Squash Blossoms! The squash are bloom. I spotted the first flowers on my squash plants just before the heatwave hit. Since then I’ve been scurrying around trying to keep the gardens watered and the cold season crops alive. The squash sailed through the heat event with very little trouble at all. I think there was Read more about Squash Blossoms- Male or Female?[…]

125+ Squash in the Ground

To the Squash Hunger 2021 Community, Thank you all for growing and donating starts to Squash Hunger 2021. All the squash has been planted and we are starting to get pictures back from the growers. The total number of squash planted is well over 125 and that doesn’t include the summer squash donations that we distributed Read more about 125+ Squash in the Ground[…]

Squash Hunger Tutorial #2- Planting the Seedlings

We are starting the planting phase of Squash Hunger 2021. Here are a few pictures and tips on handling and planting your squash starts. You can see in this first picture that the true leaf is starting to yellow. Squash are heavy feeders. They grow quickly and need rich soil and root room. Be very Read more about Squash Hunger Tutorial #2- Planting the Seedlings[…]

Squash Hunger Tutorial #1- A Good Spot to Grow

Tutorial #1 – A good spot to grow Choosing a spot to grow squash One of the biggest changes we’ve made this year is that we’ve decided not to grow in lawns. Growing in a lawn may seem like a good idea since it takes unproductive space and turns it into food growing space. However, growing in Read more about Squash Hunger Tutorial #1- A Good Spot to Grow[…]