March 26, 2020

Lets Connect – NEW

Community Schools are all about bringing people together and building supportive relationships. During this time of physical distancing we wanted an opportunity to connect with you in a fun and creative way.  This collaborative art piece will become a beautiful poster, reflective of this time. 

Hover over the puzzle pieces to magnify the details. See below for instructions on how you can add a piece to the puzzle!

puzzle pieces group May 29

We invite you to design and contribute a puzzle piece… Let’s Connect!

STEP 1. Download the .PDF with the puzzle piece outline

STEP 2. Print a copy of the puzzle piece found on page two of the .PDF

 ** If you do not have a print, fill in a full page and we can cut out the puzzle shape!

STEP 3. Design it however you like. It could be an expression of the way you feel during this time, or whatever inspires you.  

STEP 4. Scan, or take a photo (straight on), and email to:, along with your name, age (if you wish), and where  you are from.

STEP 5. (Optional) Take a photo with your puzzle piece and post to social media with the hashtag #letsconnectLTCES 

STEP 6. We will send an email to you once your puzzle piece is added to the design at:

All are welcome to participate!