Squash Hunger 2021

What’s different this year?

Last year’s Squash Hunger Program was very popular. At a time of stress and uncertainty many people got on board to grow food for the community. We were so pleased with the response, that we’ve decided to up our game this year by providing more support for our squash growers.

Squash Hunger 2021 welcomes you and encourages your participation at the level of involvement that feels good to you. Whether you have a spot in your garden you are willing to let us use; or you want to learn to grow beautiful abundant squash; or you are an experienced grower and simply want to contribute to your community.

Our goals for Squash Hunger 2021 are;

1) to engage the community with a project that benefits us all,

2) to improve long term community food security by helping build growing skills, and

3) to produce an abundance of squash to share this fall.

JUNE UPDATE: All 125+ squash seedlings have been planted for 2021

We are grateful to all the squash starter and growing volunteers contributions. Join the facebook group to watch LTCES Squash Hunger Project – 2021 and be part of the conversation.

Tutorials posted regularly here


Listen: Squash Hunger Segement on CBC All Points West

Squash Hunger 2021 Growing Tutorials & Updates